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Parsons Shuffleboard Table

Parsons Shuffleboard Table

Handmade to Order
Designed and made in our workshop in Los Angeles, CA


shuffleboard table


playing surface

Constructed from reclaimed oak, every one of our playing surfaces is unique and custom manufactured to order. We source our wood from structures that would otherwise be laid to waste, pulling from train cars, barns, and other places. Once we get our lumber to LA, it is milled, planed, glued and finished in our workshop. Not only does reclaimed wood possess character unmatched by freshly milled lumber, but it allows us to give back to our environment, and is less prone to warping and shifting– keeping our game tables as precise as possible.


We use 8 ounce dyed leather hides to line the shuffleboard gutter. Every hide is sourced from US cattle and processed at American tanneries. The leather is cut and stitched in downtown Los Angeles.

Gutter Depth: 1.6 inches
Side Gutter Width: 4 inches
End Gutter Width: 5 inches.



Alongside our carpenters we handle our metalwork and welding in-house, which gives us total control over the design and build of our tables. The parsons shuffleboard frame is a unibody design constructed from high strength steel. The bottom of the legs are threaded to allow for leveling feet.
Steel is blackened and spray-sealed.

Length 8′,9′,10′,12′,14′,16′,18′,20′,22′
Width 28″
Height 30″

Price: $5,000.00$11,800.00

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